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The screen separates the spaces from the house

The screen separates the spaces from the house

If the screen is very decorative as a headboard or to dress a wall, its primary function is to separate the spaces to give you a little more privacy without opting for partitions. Here are some ideas for using the screen.

A screen to separate two rooms

Maisons du monde ### If you have a large room in which the living room and dining room meet, you can easily opt for a screen that will delimit the spaces. Place it near a wall to create a visual separation.

A screen to isolate the television space

La Redoute ### When you have a large room where activities multiply, the screen can allow you to isolate yourself. Do not hesitate to place a screen near the sofa to close an often quite noisy television space.

A screen to create a sleeping area

La Redoute ### In the bedroom, you can isolate the bed to protect yourself from the light and concentrate a single activity in the sleeping area. If you have insomnia, isolating yourself from the rest of the bedroom can be beneficial.

A screen to isolate an office

Sandra Clodion ### Finally, if your office is in your living room, choose a large screen that will isolate you from the rest of the inhabitants of the house. This type of trick will allow you to maximize your concentration. And whether it is in wood, bamboo or Japanese style, find the screen that suits you on our price comparison service!