Laundry room: furniture to furnish well

Laundry room: furniture to furnish well

If there is one room that requires organization, it is the laundry room! For the space to be functional and to facilitate laundry and ironing, you need furniture that will allow you to store the laundry room properly. Here are our 15 inspirations…

Adequate layout

Ikea For the laundry room to be very practical, it is necessary to find layout solutions to optimize the space. Then place storage cupboards up to the ceiling by storing in height what you use the least. You can also use a section of your wall to install a drying rack to dry the laundry.

A rod for hanging clothes

Leroy Merlin Don't hesitate to install simple metal bars that will allow you to store your ironed clothes on a hanger. This type of storage is easy to install and takes up little space! And if possible, put transparent storage boxes to sort the laundry.

Attach storage to the wall

Leroy Merlin And to maximize storage, you can also invest the entire wall surface. For this, choose wardrobe-style systems to store all household linen and clothing in the off-season.

Develop a work plan

Castorama For the laundry room to be practical, you also need a work plan! You can for example install it on the washing machine so as not to lose any space or choose to opt for a modular and modular system on which you will fix a desk top.

Optimizing the available space

Ikea To optimize the space in your laundry room, choose your furniture well. If you can, install a countertop, tall furniture, large closets, or hanging furniture. You will understand, for a well-appointed laundry room, it is important to take advantage of each square meter.

Stack your devices

Mobalpa If you lack space in your laundry room, you can for example stack your machines with a stacking kit.

Raise your machines

Birex Here is another idea to remember: raise the machines to gain comfort when filling the device.

Install a sink

Archea If space allows, install a sink. This will ideally accommodate clothes requiring special cleaning.

Separate without partitioning

Ikea If your laundry space is installed in your bathroom, arrange it as well as possible by creating separate spaces for each feature. The good idea: opt for pretty curtains.

Invest in a foldable clothes horse

Spoiler To save space in your laundry room or in your bathroom, opt for a foldable drying rack that opens to accommodate your laundry and closes when you are not using it.

Install a wall ironing board

Eurêka If there is not enough floor space, plan to install an ironing board against your wall. And, for greater convenience, install it near your machines.

Compartmentalize the storage space

Birex To keep a practical and well-organized laundry room, consider modular furniture. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Betting on a deck unit

Leroy Merlin To save space while integrating your washing machine and dryer, opt for the deck unit which offers storage space on the sides and in height.

Choose a decorative basket

Cyrillus The laundry baskets take up a lot of space, so do not hesitate to choose decorative baskets. Wood, metal, fabric or plastic basket, you have the choice!