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Valentine's Day: decoration sees life in pink

Valentine's Day: decoration sees life in pink

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If you want to bring a romantic note into the house, pink is the color of choice! With the approach of Valentine's Day, the editorial team therefore suggests that you see life in pink with 20 interiors dressed in this color.

A powder pink bathroom

For a note of femininity and delicacy, powder pink was chosen in this bathroom. A true ode to relaxation and beauty.

A pink curtain for a warm light

By choosing curtains in a fuchsia pink, you will get a very warm brightness for your interior while energizing your windows.

A pink wallpaper

In this very feminine boudoir-style bedroom, the pink wallpaper sets the scene. He will not fail to enhance the bed by playing the role of headboard.

Pink upholstered furniture

In this room, the capiton is dressed in pink to feminize the decor. The atmosphere becomes chic and glamorous.

A pink sofa to wake up the decor

In this room in gray tones, a small pink sofa allows to bring a brighter color and to brighten up the whole in all femininity.

A pink lamp

To create a romantic atmosphere in your interior, what could be better than a lamp that diffuses a pink light? The feminine and glamorous spirit will be immediately planted.

A pink atmosphere

In this teenage bedroom, pink invites itself into a total look as well on the wall, the bed linen as the small furniture. To give depth and a certain modernity, opt for three different tones.

Glamorous rose

In this room imagined by Chantal Thomass, the pink wall hosts a pink headboard decorated with black lace. A sexy and glamorous duo ideal for Valentine's Day.

A pink carpet

Finally, for a note of softness and femininity up to the feet, we adopt a fuchsia pink carpet which will give an enveloping atmosphere to the room. More inspiration here

A trompe l'oeil photo

A sunset over the Eiffel Tower in pretty pink tones, it was enough to bring a romantic touch to these stairs!

Pink wall tiles in the shower

In the bathroom, we dare this tender color in large quantities by adopting a gourmet pink wall tile! Sure it will wake up your room in the blink of an eye!

A pink light garland

By betting on this light garland of pink balls, easy to give a romantic atmosphere in any room of the house. Placed on a fireplace, fixed to a beam ... install it wherever you want.

A heart shaped basin

This heart-shaped basin, placed on a candy pink piece of furniture, creates a soft and romantic atmosphere in the bathroom! The plus: black tiles which reinforce the intimate side sought after.

Pale pink for the "dressing table" area

Cozy, cozy, this dressing table corner is ideal for those who like the ambience of an old and feminine boudoir. Wall, chair, console, curtains ... leave nothing to chance.

A fuchsia pink vinyl floor

Say no to conventions by adopting a fuchsia pink vinyl floor in your living room! Combined with designer furniture and also colorful, here you are with a hyper personalized space.

A curtain of hanging roses

To separate the bedroom from the bathroom, you can, for example, replace the door with a funny curtain made up of roses hanging on ribbons of fabric. A bit kitsch, it may surprise more than one!

A tie and dye curtain

Since the tie and dye trend does not seem to be running out of steam, we dare in the bedroom this curtain with a pretty gradient of pink. And to accompany it, we place a cushion on the bed in the same tones.

A large candy pink vanity unit

Between the baroque style and the contemporary style, this vanity unit meets a very specific decorative desire! We like its clean lines and its lacquered appearance which gives it a lot of lightness.

Pink from floor to ceiling

Notice to all those who are not afraid of the total look, dare pink on the walls, windows, radiator and bed linen in your room. Our tip not to suffocate: accompany it with black and prefer light shades. More decorative photos