The kitchen service follows your desires

The kitchen service follows your desires

Practical and decorative, the kitchen service follows all your desires, from the kitchen to the garden! For storing everything and for practical cooking, this is the extra piece of furniture you need. Here are some ideas for using it.

To store your food

La Redoute ### The serving table is above all a practical piece of furniture that allows you to store all your bottles and condiments thanks to its studied dimensions. And to make your task easier, write in chalk what you have stored there thanks to the slate fronts. (La Redoute)

A real piece of furniture

Fly ### In the kitchen, the trolley can also be used as an additional piece of furniture to place your mini-oven or microwave. It is a true ally of small spaces because you can also store accessories in the lower part. (Fly)

For the terrace

Ikea ### The service accompanies you for your lunches on the terrace. Arrange plates, glasses and cutlery on the trolley, this will make it easier for you to set the table outside. This solution is also valid for an aperitif or a snack outside. (Ikea)

For outdoor kitchen

Ikea ### If the serving trolley easily finds its place in the kitchen, the same goes for the outdoor kitchen generally invested during the summer to take advantage of the sun and be as close as possible to the swimming pool. (Ikea)