Holidays: what travel memories to bring?

Holidays: what travel memories to bring?

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Each summer you go to discover new horizons or, on the contrary, you have been loyal to the same land for years. But in any case, we would all like the holidays to be a little longer. So to prolong this feeling, we do not hesitate to put in our suitcase some decorative souvenirs.

Vietnamese bowl

Bibol When you can combine decoration and cuisine, what more could you ask for? These bamboo bowls are made in Vietnam and they are as pretty as they are practical.


Maison du monde If you are in a car, you can run the risk of getting a little cluttered with a large piece of furniture, which is more complicated to transport if you are on a plane. Here you will remember the evenings on the terrace with your feet in the salt water with this pretty piece of furniture with a vintage effect.

Trunk to the sea

Maison du monde For a 100% marine decor, don't hesitate to invest in a pretty wicker box. For the return trip, think practical and put some trinkets and clothes inside so as not to lose space.

As in Canada

Maison du monde If you are going to visit Canada, where there is a large concentration of deer, you can bring a hunting trophy. But in writing, we prefer to offer a nice imitation, which does not threaten this species!

Shellfish and crustaceans

Maison du monde Have you managed to find a beautiful shell of substantial size while strolling on the beach? Once at home, it is placed on a dresser to decorate the room.

French clock

Maison du monde Summer is also the flea market season and there are sometimes pretty pieces. A large clock despite its size is easy to transport if you place it between two suitcases or behind the seat. Once at home, you will feel like on vacation.

Four poster bed

Maison du monde Bringing back the complete bed, with mattress and box spring included, seems somewhat complicated. Do not panic, with strips of fabric, we quickly recreate the desired atmosphere once back. Note that four-poster beds were used at the time to keep the heat inside and give their users privacy.

Mirror my beautiful mirror

Maison du monde If you find some seashells on the beach, don't hesitate to slip them into your pocket. Back home, with glue and a round mirror, we make a holiday decoration.

Middle Eastern table

Maison du monde These little pieces of sofa can be bought from woodworkers or from markets. The base is generally foldable, which will allow you to bring them home without too much clutter.