Gravel plays the ecological card

Gravel plays the ecological card

You dream of a terrace designed with ecological materials. Crushed wood, crushed slate, pebbles, gravel designed using fruit pits ... there are different natural materials to decorate this space brilliantly.

A stabilized coating

MCK Environment Less expensive than traditional gravel, the stabilized coating is an attractive alternative which has the major advantage of being 100% natural and insensitive to freeze / thaw cycles. Mixture of a mineral with a grain size of 0/6 designed with salt and water, the soil has the color of an orange-yellow gravel with the stability of a tar.

A coating that crosses time

Aravis Coating Give your exteriors all softness with Arasol, the ecological floor covering! Arasol incorporates the latest technological innovations through the use of chromo fibers which provide it with exceptional resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and abrasion. Tinted in the mass to play harmony with the naturally colored notes of the gravel, its binder guaranteed by its density, incomparable color stability and perfect resistance to ultraviolet light.

A terrace made from fruit stones

Biogranulats Made from shell fragments of peach and apricot kernels, Biogranulats gravels have warm tones that visually warm the soil and the environment. With their soft, woody appearance and touch, they bring a sense of calm and balance.

Crushed slate

Atmosphere Jardin Créa Made from quarry pruning waste, crushed slate represents an ecological solution in its own right. Resistant, its color can vary from white to black, including all kinds of gray, dark reds and greens. It's up to you to choose the color that will elegantly integrate into your garden.

An ecological stabilized

Balthazar Balthazar is an ecological stabilized produced by crystallization and which does not contain cement, resin or bitumen. Its natural appearance with its light yellow / orange color will blend perfectly with your exterior.

Ecological concrete

Rocasol Rocasol, an expert company in draining and permeable concrete exterior flooring, has developed an innovative, ecological and non-slip concrete. Unlike traditional concrete, draining concrete has highly permeable powers. Its porosity lets water filter, without upsetting the natural cycle, thus reducing the impact of your developments on the water cycle.

The marine gravel

Atmosphere Jardin Créa Exit traditional gravel and hello to marine gravel. Extracted from the seabed, it constitutes an ecological garden floor covering of choice!


Jardin Provencal For a Zen and marine decoration in your garden, opt for a pebble floor covering. In addition to their ecological characteristics, they also have the advantage of offering a very pleasant feeling of massage to the touch.

Hydroway ecological exterior flooring

The art of Water Garden H2 An environmentally friendly floor covering Less expensive than a conventional solution, the Hydroway covering adapts to gravel terraces and allows incomparable patterns and color schemes. Designed to withstand rain and severe weather conditions, Hydroway uses ecological raw materials: wood, bamboo and natural fibers.