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Black settles in at home

Black settles in at home

Black is above all a non-color, because it neither emits nor reflects any part of the visible light spectrum. But it is also a sure value in terms of fashion or trend. It is also found today in the decor and that's great.

In the living room, a cozy nest

La Redoute To avoid having to change your chair every 6 months, invest in a nice plaid. Here we choose it black with a colored cushion to wake up the atmosphere.

In the dining room, the dining area

Alinéa With a black carpet you can quickly create a warm atmosphere. We then choose a carpet with patterns to revive the living room. We define the dining area with the carpet.

Dark woodwork on the stairs

Ikéa We don't hesitate to give the house a facelift thanks to an all-black staircase. He skillfully succeeds in highlighting the walls and the woodwork.

In the kitchen, loft atmosphere

Ikéa Do you dream of a New York loft atmosphere? These large lamps are made for you. The trick: multiply the lights around the dining area for maximum style and light.

In the office, CEO style

Alinéa Two trestles and a board, all painted black, and you would think you were facing a great leader of an international company. Nothing better than insurance to boost yourself at work.

In the bedroom, dark bedding

Ikéa To create a real sphere around your bedding nothing better than dark bedding. We make an intimate cocoon with a black headboard, which is not synonymous with nightmare.

In the living room, an elegant sofa

La Redoute Classic but modern decoration with this sofa with minimalist lines and wooden legs. In black, it highlights the woodwork on the walls and the pretty parquet.

In the entrance, storage

Ikea Small spaces also have the right to their decor. With a black shoe cabinet, practical storage is combined with a dark trend.

In the living room, dark glass

Ikéa Bet on an elegant table decoration thanks to a set of vases. You can easily choose one or two blacks to create contrasts with the plants.