Black settles in the kitchen

Black settles in the kitchen

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A true decorative ally, black settles in kitchens to offer them a very chic and trendy style. By touch or in total look, it sublimates the favorite piece of French. Here is our selection of kitchens where black is the main color.

Play on levels

Lapeyre In order to break the monotony of a monochrome kitchen, you can combine a white color with a black shade, but also play on the different sizes of your elements. Having a dining area higher or lower than your work surface or your central island will add volume to your room.

A rounded central island

GOAL If you have an open kitchen, choose a curved black island, like the Elena model by BUT. The transition from the kitchen to the living room will also be easier and it will be softer visually. The black island then becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Bring greenery

Castorama Because the black and wood duo always wins, do not hesitate to adapt it in the kitchen. You can also add touches of green to brighten it up. Put plant suspensions, let ivy grow inside your apartment or install pots of decorative plants, which will warm the whole.

Harmonize the elements

Ikea If you don't like the total black look, use other colors or materials to brighten up the set. For example, with a stainless steel oven, refrigerator and hood and beige storage elements. Elegance guaranteed!

Original storage

Mobalpa In this kitchen, the storage elements have a particularity: they have a different color on their facade and inside. Thus, the shelves built into the wall and the sliding cupboards located under the worktop bring more clarity and light to the space. The black is then sublimated by fine details.

A lacquered shade

SoCoo'c Nothing like a lacquer finish to bring out the black. You can opt for another complementary color, such as white, to play on contrasts. In this case, be sure to use it on elements that are less dirty than the credenza or the worktop.

Laying retro tiles

Castorama This type of checkered floor covering gives a retro look to your kitchen. This will highlight an island or black storage. To further accentuate the vintage side, you can install a slate wall section, on which you can list your groceries or write your recipes.

Extend the kitchen in the dining room

Perene If you are lucky enough to have a bright space, a large picture window or a glass roof, don't be afraid of the dark! On the contrary, black gives character to the kitchen, sufficiently lit by natural light so that it is convivial and warm

Different blocks

SoCoo'c The layout of a black kitchen can work very well in blocks. Instead of choosing an entirely black element, mix the two-color structures to give relief to the space.

Very dark wood for a black appearance

Ikea If the black scares you a little, know that you can also bet on a very dark wooden kitchen to give a black appearance to the wall while retaining some lighter shades. The color of the kitchen will change according to the brightness of the room.

A nice mix between strong color and black

Hygéna It is undoubtedly one of the colors that we prefer for the decoration of its kitchen and for good reason! Sober, refined and trendy, red has the ability to adapt to any type of cuisine! To receive your guests with style in the adjoining dining / living room, everything is perfectly organized, without anything disturbing the senses.

Revitalize your kitchen with touches of color

Cuisinella All dressed in black, the kitchen offers the luxury of being accompanied by a splendid mustard yellow. Scattered by touches on chairs or part of the furniture, this mustard color has its small effect. We let you admire!

Michelin-starred chef cuisine

Ikea Perfectly suited to concoct our favorite dishes, this "castle" style kitchen has been modernized thanks to the electric blue wall and imitation parquet floor. The central island facilitates access to kitchen utensils and gives a dynamic side to the room, we love it!

No, black does not darken!

Lapeyre If you want to combine modernity and sobriety, this cuisine should be inspired. The furniture in this kitchen is made of birch, cherry and lime for a refined look with timeless charm. The two colors are enhanced and black enhances the light wood.

My mountain chalet-style cuisine

Leroy Merlin The advantage of black is that it adapts to all styles, design or rustic, like here, where wood dresses the room from head to toe. The "little trick" that makes the difference is of course the black that is found on the table and chairs but also on the floor and on the wall. Perfect dosage.

When black plays trompe l'oeil in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, black and wood go well together. The design side of the sleek line of furniture is revitalized by the elements that accompany it. Finally, we admire the central island which is neither gray marble nor cited concrete but wooden.

Successful minimalism in your kitchen

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, the brick wall gives a loft spirit, reinforced by the glass roof overlooking the city. The beige wall brings a brightness contrasting with the matt black. The mixture of black kitchen furniture, with the worktop and the white chairs is ideal with the raw "loft" side.

When art of living rhymes with requirement

Perene Particularly suitable for gourmets looking for space to cook, this kitchen offers a perfect solution. The large work area on the central island provides everything you need to carry around. The matt black of the walls combined with the stainless steel of the equipment forms the perfect decor for cooking in the best conditions.

Small kitchen, big inspirations

Ikea Small kitchens are not necessarily the easiest to arrange. Fortunately we have before us a perfect example of an optimized space with its floor-to-ceiling storage. We like the idea of ​​having everything within sight and within reach.