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Save space in the children's room

Save space in the children's room

Not always easy to organize the child's room. Between the lack of space and the toys that spread out, we wonder where we will be able to cram the bed. Fortunately, there are solutions to save space in the children's room. And we invite you to discover them in pictures.

The use of walls

Ikea In this room, what saves space is the use of the walls. So, instead of opting for different bulky pieces of furniture, we opted for a narrow shelf fixed to the wall that serves as an office. And when you add doors in certain places, the board also creates storage.

A lounge corner furniture

Ikea No place to install storage spaces and a small relaxation area for reading? Don't hesitate to mix the two! It is then enough to place cushions on a low storage unit to transform this space.

We stack

Ikea And if you lack storage, rather than installing a reading corner on the base unit, add another storage unit. Indeed, by stacking the furniture you will gain storage space by exploiting the entire wall surface in height rather than on the floor.

Bunk beds

La Redoute To accommodate two children in the same space, save floor space by opting instead for bunk beds. Children will keep a nice space to play.

Bunk beds for three

Purpose Are your children three? Also note that there are bunk beds for three children history that sleeping takes the place of only one bed and that your children can play freely.

Four children in the same room

Maisons du monde Not enough room for all the children? Then transform the largest room into a dormitory like a summer camp. And rather than aligning the beds, opt for two pairs of bunk beds so that there is room to play!

A bed with drawers

Paragraph If it is the storage that is lacking in your child's room, consider choosing a bed that contains large drawers. They will be perfect for storing all the toys lying around without taking up extra room in the room.

A cabin bed

Alinéa And if your child does not have enough room in his room, offer him a bed which will also be a play area! For example, this structure is both a bed and a playhouse for the day. The bonus: storage hidden under the bed.

A hidden room

Leroy Merlin Finally, in this room, the space is entirely dedicated to play because the beds are hidden behind storage. All in a compact module that saves space in the room.