An original coffee table for my living room

An original coffee table for my living room

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The traditional coffee table is no longer the only possibility to dress the living room! Now, the coffee tables take on an original look that gives style to the entire living room with unusual shapes and new materials. Zoom on 5 tables that are part of the new generation.

A clock-shaped coffee table

Maisons du monde ### If you want your decor to look like a loft, head to the metal coffee table that takes up the face of a clock. Again, this coffee table will bring a recovered spirit to your home.

A mirrored coffee table

AM.PM ### For a classic but design style, we put on a mirrored coffee table! Thanks to this material, the coffee table almost disappears in your room thanks to the decorative furniture and accessories that reflect it.

A round coffee table

FLy ### This coffee table is not only round at the level of the top but has a pebble appearance with rounded shapes even at the edges. The top of the table is slightly hollowed out to create a tray. Design spirit guaranteed!

A storage trunk coffee table

Fly ### Finally, you can also use a large storage trunk as a coffee table. Not only can you use the trunk as a table but you can also store books or bottles inside. A real space saving idea!