Small salons are popular!

Small salons are popular!

Leave your complexes at the door of your small space. Today, they have the coast and take their revenge. Easier to maintain, less expensive to decorate and just as charming as their XXL salon counterparts, here are 10 good reasons to be proud of its tiny salon.

Everything that's small is cute !

Ikea Here is a motto that takes on its full meaning in a small living room where the smallness of the places offers a more cozy atmosphere compared to a large living room.

Small spaces show organization

Ikea To find your way around without moving everything, everything is stored in a specific place to avoid unnecessary travel.

No mess!

Ikea Small spaces fulfill several functions which they assume with dignity in part thanks to furniture with multiple functions.

A few pieces of furniture are enough to furnish it

Ikea Fireside chairs, table, chairs and shelves will be enough to furnish your space. A limited addition that frees the wallet

A perfect space for the Scandinavian trend

Fly When you live in a small space you take care not to visually clutter the space. This is why it is customary to favor furniture with clean and simple lines in the vein of Scandinavian furniture. And good news, this is the flagship trend of the season!

Always looking for new solutions

Fly When you live in a small space you have to regularly rethink its decoration. This is why this decorative stimulation offers new decorative ideas which are then taken up by the great outdoors. Here, a wicker armchair frees up floor space and becomes a fun seat where you can rock.

Furniture at your service

Ikea To adapt to the smallness of the premises, the furniture is often mobile. Equipped with wheels, it moves with the sandstone of the activities to always be on hand.

Always sorted space

Bemz Another advantage of living in a small space is that you become, by necessity, the king of storage and sorting. To free up space, sorting becomes an activity in its own right, unlike the large spaces that pile up for years during objects.

Creative spaces that don't lack humor

Ohmywall Small spaces like trompe l'oeil effects on walls. A good way to add depth to your room.