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10 mirrors at low prices

10 mirrors at low prices

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The mirror is a real asset in decoration provided you know how to choose it according to the desired effect. In wood, metal or plastic, sober or colorful, round square or in unusual shapes, discover our selection of decorative mirrors for less than 50 euros.

A cloud-shaped mirror

Maisons du Monde A fun note from this colorful living room: the mirror in the shape of a bright yellow cloud. Fixed above the bookcase and accompanied by a few colorful stickers, it gives this blue wall the decorative touch it lacked. 19.99 euros

Funny faces

April Eleven Your children also have the right to a funny mirror to subtly decorate the wall of their bedroom. We love these funny wooden models in the shape of a bearded man or superhero. Not you ? 45 euros

A flower-shaped mirror

Castorama To emphasize the desired natural style in the dining room, opt for a flower-shaped mirror. Our hearts are swaying for this very refined black metal model which blends perfectly with this apple green wall. 29.99 euros

An ecological mirror

AM PM Braided from water hyacinth fibers, this mirror is the ally of lovers of the ecological trend. We love its original shape which will sublimate any barely installed wall. 39 euros

Pop mirrors

La Redoute The colors and shapes of the 70s have not said their last word as we can see from these pop style mirrors. Our decorative tip: choose two in different colors to bring good humor to the wall. 13.99 euros

A retro style mirror

Produitinté We love this mirror which looks like the models of barbers used a few years ago. With its little string to hang it, it is the charming asset of our decor in the bathroom or in the bedroom. 39 euros

A mirror with shutters

Maisons du Monde In an interior decorated "family house", we opt for this mirror composed of two shutters with a patina appearance. Fixed in the entrance or placed on the sideboard in the dining room, it has a little effect. 44.99 euros

A round mirror

3 Swiss You may have noticed that round wooden mirrors are making a comeback in our interiors. Their little novelty makes it easier for us, since they have a small ledge on which we slip our jewelry or our beauty products. 49 euros

A frameless mirror

Leroy Merlin Round mirror, yes, but without framing please! In a living room that wants to be contemporary and design, we choose this curved and refined mirror so as not to overload the decor. 49.90 euros