A table decoration "back from the garden"

A table decoration "back from the garden"

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To change your life without complicating it, stage your table in a fun way with fruits and vegetables from the garden. Coming directly from the vegetable patch, your harvest is exposed to everyone on the table to the delight of pupils and taste buds.

Invite glass jars to your table

Ikea Appetizing and homemade, the glass jars of our grandmothers revive the decor. Welcoming pickings from the garden, arrange them on the table by mixing the heights of pots for a delicious composition.

Fresh fruit juices on the table available

Ikea Pour your pressed fruits into pretty containers and place them on the kitchen table. The simplicity of this staging offers in a flash, a country chic spirit at your table.

Stage your harvest

Ikea On a small stepladder display your harvest. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are on display for everyone. It is possible to reproduce this spirit on the kitchen table to print the nature style.

Bring a kitchen counter to life

Ikea Do not hurry to clean everything. On the contrary, let life take over your kitchen counter, by making your bottles of fresh fruit juice and leaving some gourmet fruits available from the garden.

Bloom your table with garden flowers

Landmade The tulips descend from the garden to expose themselves on the table. This beautiful bouquet placed on a blond wooden table radiates its soft and luminous hues for a rustic air in the dining room.

Like a gardener's hut

Landmade Create a gardener's workshop atmosphere by leaving your tools and bulbs for the garden on the table.

Vegetables like a sculpture

Fly Arrange on a wooden board, some pretty appetizing vegetables. Gathered in the center of the table, they offer themselves like a sculpture.

Display your vegetables

Muuto On a large tray, display your freshly picked vegetables. Artichoke, fennel, lemon invite themselves on the dining room table before being devoured by gourmets. Like a still life, they become as decorative as they are good!


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