Open furniture in the bathroom

Open furniture in the bathroom

If you want to bring towels and shower accessories into the decor of the bathroom, choose open furniture. Here, no doors or drawers, the useful is proudly displayed to become a decorative addition. Look at a mode of storage essentially turned towards shelves and cupboards.

Open storage spaces look romantic

AM.PM ### In the storage unit under the basins, taupe, mauve, peony pink and rhubarb pink napkins form a swatch of soft and romantic shades. On the side, an elegant ladder-shaped towel rack provides additional space to display the laundry. Simple, but subtle.

Make way for lightness

Fly ### Under its retro air, this small bathroom seduces with its lightness. The secret ? Its open cupboards revealing products and towels. We're breathing! And to sublimate everything, we allow ourselves some decorative elements: a bucolic touch and a beautiful driftwood lamp, enough to bring a touch of feminine softness to the spaceā€¦

Baskets in each box

Fly ### Here is a bathroom under the sign of softness and well-being. Here, the marriage of wood, wicker and white is not the only one to set the tone, the low cupboards along the wall have a lot to do with it! Indeed, they multiply the storage spaces while leaving the walls clear and refined. Above them, we easily put some beauty products, a frame, a decorative note and soap, while we invest the boxes of lots of towels and storage baskets. An alternative of choice to avoid disorder!

A touch of gaiety in the bathroom

La Redoute ### In a dull or dull bathroom like this one, betting on open furniture is an effective solution to brighten up the space. Indeed, a few colored towels wisely installed on the shelves wake up the place, enough to bring in a good mood!