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The canopy makes the bedroom romantic

The canopy makes the bedroom romantic

Less bulky than the canopy bed, the canopy will also bring a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom. Chic screen version or tent fabric stretched over the bed, the canopy will seduce all those who wish to make their bed a real cocoon.

A bed frame

Maisons du monde The canopy can allow you to frame the bed in order to enhance it. Choose for this a model with a frame that you will fix in height on the wall of the headboard. The fabric will then fall on each side of the bed for a very romantic style.

A marquee above the bed

Purpose For a romantic atmosphere, you can also choose a canopy to attach to the ceiling above the bed. The very light veil will then surround the entire bed to create a small, cozy nest.

A canopy which also serves as a headboard

Ikea To easily create a canopy, attach two bars to the ceiling, one at the foot of the bed and one at the head and pass a fabric. To extend the canopy, you can drop the fabric on the wall to create a headboard.

A bed canopy for children too

Vertbaudet Finally, know that the canopy is not just for adults! Little girls will also love the romantic atmosphere it brings to the room. For children, choose more colorful or patterned fabrics for a more cheerful atmosphere.