10 paths for the garden

10 paths for the garden

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Garden paths have a prominent place this summer. A quick overview of the different models to adapt according to your desires: tiling, gravel, slabs ... There is something for everyone.

Brick effect

Castorama These limestone slabs give the illusion of old bricks. They will contrast nicely with a very green lawn for a classic decor. They will also have the advantage of aging well over time.

Pine slabs

Castorama Convenient to install, just a flat surface to place them directly on top. No complex works or installations with these few tiles which will be enough to create a garden path.

Not Japanese

Castorama Easy to install, just draw a line in your head and ask the Japanese steps. Each step should be spaced about 50cm apart, so as not to have to walk outside the slabs.


Castorama In stone, the tiles are more complicated to install but give a more finished look. Their aged blue appearance will go perfectly with a romantic atmosphere for a corner of freshness.


Castorama These wood imitations will easily go with a garden with classic or Norman decoration. They are placed directly on the lawn or on the gravel to quickly create your garden path.


Lapeyre You can also space the tiles so that the grass also makes its way between the tiles. They are chosen with slight relief to avoid slipping.


Leroy merlin We create a small curve with a few stones placed side by side, as here where the garden path becomes the pit of a small scene where the garden furniture stands enthroned.


Leroy Merlin For a very design and contemporary alley, we focus on concrete and monochrome. Smooth and gray, we mix its concrete with white pebbles for a guaranteed graphic effect.


Leroy Merlin For a natural atmosphere, we can also create an alley with wooden planks. Inexpensive, you can get them everywhere for an economical garden.


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