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5 sofas for small spaces

5 sofas for small spaces

If you have little space in your living room, you can still opt for a comfortable sofa that will allow you to receive your friends without taking up too much space. There are practical and decorative solutions for this to discover in pictures.

A bench that turns into a bed

Fly ### Note that when it comes to a sofa, the benches take up little space because they do not have an armrest but a simple metal structure. The benches have the considerable advantage of being able to unfold to form an extra bed.

A BZ for comfortable sleeping

Fly ### The BZ is another convertible sofa that takes up little space because it is quite compact. This type of sofa folds out lengthwise which is often easier when there is little space. Ideal for a studio, this sofa is available in many colors for a very pop style.

A small sofa

Ikea ### If you really don't have space but you don't want it to interfere with your comfort, opt instead for a sofa the size of a large armchair. You will have a comfortable seat while optimizing the space.

A fireside chair as a sofa

La Redoute ### Finally, whether for teenage bedrooms, living rooms or studios, the fireside chair is ideal because it bends to your desires. You can use it as a sofa to receive your friends but also in extra bedding very easy to unfold and occupying little space.