New Nornas collection from Ikea

New Nornas collection from Ikea

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Ikea enriches its collection with this latest very natural selection. This time, the famous brand does not focus on color or patterns but on the most common wood species on its territory. And yes, this season, we will have to bet on pine. He arises out of the night and is called Nornas.

A pine bench but not only ...

Ikea A bench is nice, but much less comfortable than a chair. Work around the problem to advantage by warming your bench with an animal skin carelessly placed on it! Guaranteed feeling of a trapper's cabin.

Painted pine

Ikea Another advantage of raw pine, it is easy to paint. But not to distort it, prefer colors that are inspired by nature. Gray, green, orange… go perfectly with pine!

The pine chest of drawers reviewed and corrected

Ikea The famous pine chest of drawers reviews its copy. This time it features drawers and two open lockers to slide in what is more decorative.

And here is the wardrobe

Ikea The wardrobe is making a comeback in decoration. Ideal for storing many things out of sight but also out of the dust. In addition, we like its sober lines.

A picket chair

Ikea Original, this corner armchair breaks angles and finally makes them useful. Convenient to create a small reading corner, we wonder why we did not think about it earlier!

Pine bed

Ikea Its structure and its pine headboard left rough bring without context a cabin spirit in the woods which is not to displease us!

Lockers to store

Ikea Come on, to strengthen the cabin spirit, we throw away the superfluous and we nicely store our things in open lockers to always have everything on hand!

A discreet bedside table

Ikea Coordinated with the bed, the pine bedside table can also be used alone in the bedroom. Its light shade allows it to be associated with all decorative styles.

One table, two tables, three tables… always in pine

Ikea One of the great advantages of pine is its very soft price. So why not crack not for one but several pine tables that we have next to each other or on the contrary that we distribute in the room according to needs and desires.


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