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H&M Home fall winter 2014-2015: our favorites for less than 50 euros

H&M Home fall winter 2014-2015: our favorites for less than 50 euros

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Not a late train for H&M Home. The Swedish brand that launched its decor range recently, signs for this fall, a collection at the top of trends. Marble, linen, metal storage baskets and other must-have are waiting for you. Discover it all with our selection of less than 50 euros.

A linen and velvet cushion cover

H&M Home We love this cushion cover which brilliantly combines two noble materials: velvet and linen. Its little extra: a dark yellow color with soft autumn reflections. 9.99 euros

A "skull" shower curtain

H&M Home Are your teens lucky enough to have their own bathroom? Then opt for a shower curtain that adapts to their desires. This model covered with skulls will have a little effect! 17.99 euros

Storage baskets

H&M Home Always useful on the desk or on a shelf, metal storage baskets are also a real must-have this season. We therefore do not hesitate to play with the different sizes to create the decor. 14.99 euros

A soft blanket

H&M Home H&H Home has thought of our long winter evenings by offering us this pink plaid that will bring softness in the bedroom or on the sofa. 29.99 euros

A flowery tablecloth

H&M Home This fall, the table remains flowered with pretty colors of plum and dark pink. A bit girly, this tablecloth will have the advantage of accommodating a snack for girls or a birthday. 14.99 euros

A practical basket

H&M Home Convenient this fabric basket that slides everywhere. From the bathroom to the bedroom, via the entrance and the living room, he knows how to play his charm in any room. 9.99 euros

A modern soap pump

H&M Home To accessorize the bathroom of your children or your teens, bet on this soap pump and this tumbler perfectly in tune with the times with their tag effect inscriptions. Soap pump: 5.99 euros Tooth glass: 4.99 euros

A marbled duvet cover

H&M Home This winter, marble invites itself into the bedroom with this duvet cover which nicely takes on the nuances of stone. Be careful all the same to avoid the total look at the risk of brushing against the overdose. 29.99 euros

A linen tablecloth

H&M Home We love washed linen tablecloths, and even more when they are offered at a low price! H&M Home makes us happy with three models in natural colors: white, beige and gray. 34.99 euros


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