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Trolleys, new favorite storage spaces for small spaces

Trolleys, new favorite storage spaces for small spaces

They are narrow, measure no more than 80 cm, move on wheels and have 2, 3 or 4 floors. Yes, the trolleys perfectly meet the profile sought by small spaces, so that in the kitchen or elsewhere, they add extra storage, decidedly very clever.

To tidy up the bathroom

Ikéa Even the bathroom has its own service. Here, we have swapped kitchen utensils for our wellness products and beauty accessories. Our maxi collection of brushes, combs, scrunchies, essential oils, perfumes and hair dryers finally find a home that the cupboards in the room were unable to offer them.

To store meal accessories

Ikéa Also on the terrace, the service looks good. Carrying vegetables and fruit, dishes, bread, oil and vinegar, it allows us to have lunch in the fresh air on a space-saving table.

To store the books

Ikéa The table even becomes embedded in the bedroom to carry our bedside books at arm's length. Proof that she can claim to replace the bedside table!

To store spray paint

Ikéa Our artist's studio no longer has to worry about the lack of storage for spray paint, brushes, rollers and pencils. A well-operated service, and voila.

To store the baking ingredients

Ikéa To assist with our pastry sales, nothing like serving! Or the best way to keep flour, eggs, yeast and sugar close at hand, without cluttering the work surface on which we devote ourselves to the preparation of cake, pie and other sweets…

To store office papers

Ikéa On the office side, these are rolls of rough paper, supplies and notebooks that Madame Serverte briskly stores. To relieve the workspace itself, this is ideal!

To store our plants in pots

Ikéa Our new vegetable patch is tidy up like clockwork! Convenient to move it more or less in the sun according to needs and desires.

To store the pans

Ikéa The madness of pots and pans in the kitchen makes the cupboards unhappy. Because of their handle, they are difficult to stack, despite their size difference. The solution: a service being assigned to them, to slip into a corner, neither seen nor known.

To store spices and starchy foods

Ikéa Back in the kitchen where a sideboard chosen in the same color as the furniture extends the work plan discreetly. And hop, one more storage for our bottles, spices and starchy foods that don't find room in the cupboards already optimized to the maximum.