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Everything to customize doors

Everything to customize doors

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In decoration, the quest for singularity now dictates the trend. Each seeks to stand out to screen the interiors that all look alike, each chooses more and more carefully their furniture and accessories. But personalizing your home also involves customizing walls ... and doors! Because well staged, these can become real decorative objects and reflect the personality of the room that is hidden behind them. Here is a slideshow to fill up on ideas.

With digital prints

Lapeyre ### Another solution also available at Lapeyre in its brand new collection: opt for a door with digital printing. A branch of flowers, a field of wheat or a vegetal touch, whatever your choice, this theatricalization of the door captivates us even before entering the room.

With color and patterns

Leroy Merlin ### With wallpaper or paint, it's easy to transform the look of a door! We give free rein to our desires by choosing different patterns and colors to differentiate each of them! And the corridor becomes decorative…

With numbers or fluorescent paint

Castorama ### Double customization! In this corridor, we didn't just assign a number to each door with the stencil. A fluorescent gel has also been applied around its entire outline to easily identify itself at night. An ingenious tip from Castorama.

With repositionable wallpaper

Moove Paper ### Moove Paper and its repositionable wallpapers did not stop surprising us. We dress the door with one of their model like this, with the "wooden wall" effect. Suffice to say that the result is stunning! The opening has never attracted so much attention, and in addition, it is ephemeral, we change according to our desires!