A cozy nest under the roof

A cozy nest under the roof

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The attic apartments are atypical properties but often full of charm. It only takes a few things to make them real cozy nests. Here is how in 10 simple and creative decor ideas.

An original bed canopy

Patrick Smith The attic rooms are sometimes very high ceilings. If this is the case with your bedroom, for example, reduce the height with an original canopy like this. Finally, add a garland of mini lanterns for the touch of color.

Occupy the walls Accumulation is the big trend. Play it on the walls of your attic apartment to enhance the cocoon effect. Mix lithography, drawings, posters and paintings to create the decor.

All in white The white total enlarges a small low ceiling room. It is the ideal color for apartments tucked under roofs. This will also bring out the furniture and all the accessories.

A loft bed

Bruno Boisgontier Are you looking for where to place your bed in an attic studio? If the height of the ceiling allows you, consider the mezzanine option. It is as much space as you leave below for your living room and what a joy to fall asleep under the stars.

Bring in the light

Leroy Merlin Who says under the roofs says sloping walls. The ideal solution for multiplying light sources is Velux. Only one in large format or two smaller, you choose according to budget and space.

Wood on the walls

Frédéric Ducoux Chalet atmosphere for this original room. The wood on the walls enhances the warm atmosphere of this small, dim room. Our advice: choose a type of wood that is neither too dark nor too light.

A library in the basement Are you looking to use the space left below? Opt for shelving where you can install books, magazines, binders or storage boxes. Your family photos will have a place found above.

A minimalist bathroom

Leroy Merlin Hard to install a bathroom in an attic room. A sink placed on a table, a shower that fits into the vertical drop of the wall and the largest possible light source: voila!

Paint the walls

Farrow and Ball To vary the total look, paint the walls of your bedroom's sub-slope in ice blue. The white of the wall sections of the ceiling will stand out and this will enhance the charm of this attic room.