Are plant walls and paintings always trendy?

Are plant walls and paintings always trendy?

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The editorial staff wanted to zoom in on the paintings and plant walls. This trend of growing plants vertically democratized a few years ago. Let's take a closer look if we still like it!

Plants gain height on the terrace

Ikea For all those who do not have a green thumb, this pedestal offers the possibility of easily repotting your favorite plants without replanting everything and above all hiding from prying eyes. We give it a "good view"!

Like a big painting

Flowall In this place of passage, the green square is rather unexpected. The green of the plants stands out vividly on the white wall and the minimalist and contemporary decoration offers a beautiful combination of styles. A big yes for the result!

In the kitchen

Flowall Here, the green wall takes over the room to better identify the spaces. We appreciate the contrast between plants and bricks that enhance each other!

Vegetable cooking with aromatic herbs

Ikea Plants are welcome in the kitchen, even in a mini version! The idea to remember: use aromatic plants. Parsley, basil, chives, sage ... dress the wall while being useful to flavor your dishes.

A vegetable headboard!

Ikea Here is a modern version of the green wall that we really like. Here, simple climbing plants are potted and spread their plant tentacles on a clothes rack. We love the idea! But we are somewhat disillusioned when it comes to growing plants so that they climb up to the rack.

A small vegetable painting

Flowerbox This plant table of some plants lacks a certain presence. You will have to wait a few months before having a green table that makes you want!

The green wall in the living room

Flowall A bit lost in the decor, this green wall steals the show from the fireplace and the decor of the living room. Too present, it loads the decor.