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10 sewing and decoration spaces to get inspired

10 sewing and decoration spaces to get inspired

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If sewing is one of your favorite pastimes, here is a nice book of inspirations that does not target your future creations, but the layout and decoration of the space dedicated to it. Quickly, let yourself be inspired over the ideas to finally battle it out with your current decor…

Textiles galore

Ikéa For you, it is impossible to indulge in couture sessions without spreading out! From the table to the storage boxes, from the multi-compartment shelf to the walls: everything must refer to your favorite textiles, threads, and creations. But when exuberance is expertly controlled, like here, we want more ...

Discreet maxi

Ikéa Under the flip-up desk, a few sketches of dresses betraying our seed as a future stylist. At his feet, a sewing machine, well concealed. Or how to give yourself a chic and practical couture corner, in all discretion!

In the foreground

Ikea The sewing machine becomes a work of art. Placed in the middle of the room, a textile voluntarily under the elbow, it attracts all eyes and plants alone, the decor. So no, hiding it in a closet is out of the question!

Divinely retro

Ikéa Desk on trestles, craft furniture, articulated lamp and old textiles serving as wall decoration: here the couture space is steeped in the charm of yesteryear. Because it is to our grandmothers that we owe the art of handling the needle…

Poetic and arty

AM.PM Sewing is an art. So much so that associating it with other manual hobbies like drawing seems quite natural! This is the case of this desk juggling between storage for spools of threads scattered here and there and an artistically poetic gallery, overlooking the whole.

Intimate and trendy

Ikéa Faced with the sewing machine, some inspirations of clothes cut and glued on two cork panels. Around the office, cupboards with doors, hiding the possible disorder caused by the accumulation of fabrics and threads. Under the wall shelf, a few spots triggering extra and very intimate lighting. In short, this is a trendy couture corner that does not fall into the total look, tidy but still very themed, cozy and pleasant to bubble over our creativity. How to resist ?


The Collection Here, the wallpaper sets the mood for the decor. Buttons galore in all colors and shapes against which an old fashioned storage box cleverly stores our little needles, dice, colored threads and meter. This is particularly suitable for extra sewing corners for beginners and small spaces ...


Ikéa Here, the buttons are with the buttons, the pins with the pins, the scissors with the scissors, the spools with the spools, the textiles with the textiles. No confusion possible, everything is tidy, well labeled, well separated, with the promise of well structured seam assignments. When they live in a living room (entry, living room, bedroom ...), this is ideal!


Ikéa A metal bar overhanging the special sewing worktop: that's enough to perch pairs of scissors, rolls of adhesive, and spools of thread on hooks, with or without small trays, to see more clearly!