6 kitchen decor ideas to steal from the new Fly catalog

6 kitchen decor ideas to steal from the new Fly catalog

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The Fly 2014-2015 catalog has just arrived. We leafed through it, studied it and dissected it. It didn't take us long to spot the decorating ideas to take back for the kitchen. On the menu, we suggest XXL objects and especially many, many colors! These ideas, fairly simple to carry out, will allow you to face the start of the school year with a good mood so it would be silly to deprive yourself of them.

XXL pendant lamp

Fly With all this tall furniture in the kitchen, there is much less room on the walls to express yourself. So we eat with a giant suspension that sheds light on our common sense of decoration.

Quickly a recipe!

Fly Having your culinary library close at hand is a clever idea! And a good way to bring a little color in a kitchen a little too wise.

Delimit the cooking zone

Fly To avoid the monotony of monochrome, we play the contrast with a color which contrasts like here the yellow which comes to pose the borders of the cooking zone.

When do we eat ?

Fly We will no longer be asked the question thanks to this giant clock. An object that does not just tell the time since it also acts as a wall decoration.

What colors?

Fly What if colors come back in force in the kitchen? What if we stopped depressing? What if we cooked cheerfully? Finally the idea to remember is that you can decorate your kitchen as you want, all fantasies are allowed.


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