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Canapes that make us crack in the spring

Canapes that make us crack in the spring

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When the good weather arrives, we often want to change everything in the house. And why not treat yourself to a new sofa to transform the decor of your living room in the blink of an eye? The good news is that we give you a boost by selecting 10 models of sofas that make us crack in the spring!

A sofa in the colors of nature

La Redoute To transform your interior into an ode to natural elements, a beige sofa with green stitching is a good start! You will then choose a multitude of green and blue cushions to evoke heaven and earth and voila!

A green sofa

Fly If you really want your sofa to remind you of the nature that awakens on sunny days, nothing prevents you from betting on a green sofa! This will be ideal if your decoration is neutral enough and you want to wake it up in the blink of an eye.

A pink sofa

Fly For an interior that exudes good humor, the pink sofa will not fail to have its small effect! We choose a soft pastel color to evoke the flowers of the garden!

A natural sofa

Goal In this already very natural interior, we put on a very light beige sofa to set the decor. The ultra decorative touch? The sofa has cushions with the image of nature whether it is with the word nature or leaf cushions.

An outdoor sofa

Goal If you want to settle in the garden, know that you will also find sofas with the look of garden furniture that we install inside! Rattan or woven resin are the most beautiful effect!

Clementine sofa

Stressless Do you want to brighten up your interior? For this, we put on a color that is both warm and tart with clementine which brightens up your somewhat bland interior in the blink of an eye. Spring atmosphere guaranteed!

A white leather sofa

Leather Center If you want a more discreet but equally decorative model, the white leather sofa is your ally! Very design, its bright white brings a beautiful light inside while offering you a refreshing aspect.

A white linen sofa

Maisons du monde And if you are not tempted by leather, a white linen sofa may be your thing. It will be ideal in a seaside style by combining it with gray and blue.

A navy blue sofa

Maisons du monde Conversely, to give your living room an air of the sea, you can also bet on a navy blue sofa which will therefore go particularly well with white decoration accessories.


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