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The bedroom goes into summer mode

The bedroom goes into summer mode

The sun finally seems to point the beginning of its nose. While waiting to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, we too put in summer time, to evolve in a universe related to the expected weather. We choose to put color to wake up the atmosphere or on the contrary more neutral tones suitable for relaxation.

Nature inside

Ikea Easily achievable with an old clothes rack, a valet or a rod, we let some plants climb on it so that nature can spread the top in the bedroom.

Floral patterns, like in the countryside

Ikea You can't bring nature into your space? We don't give up and choose a flowery and liberty print to imagine ourselves on a countryside vacation.

Bring in the light

Ikea White linens add more clarity to the bedroom, where you can then afford to paint a wall in gray. Be careful however to choose a warm gray and not too dark so as not to darken the whole.

Curtains exit: we put the curtains away

Ikea Winter is over, let's put away the thick and heavy curtains, to make way for pretty light curtains in the bedroom. They surround the bed to gain privacy but let in the light.

Color splash

La Redoute If you can't repaint your walls, don't panic. We leave its walls white and play with color by touches. Linens, carpets and chairs are given new colors to bring summer into the room.

Holidays in Asia, rare prints

La Redoute Do you want to go even further? We choose a print that reminds us of Asia so that we can fall asleep while dreaming of exotic destinations. We add related accessories, such as these lights inspired by the art of paper. The patterns can also evoke Africa or the East according to your tastes.

Pastel colors in the house to rest

La Redoute Who says summer, also says relaxation. To make your room a sanctuary dedicated to calm and rest, we choose pastel shades that relax the eye and calm stress.

Shellfish and crustaceans for a seaside spirit

La Redoute For those with sea legs, we play on blue and white bands in the room to create a marine atmosphere. We add a room fragrance and a few seashells to the dresser to highlight the seas and oceans spirit.

White, more white

Zara Home For fans of neutral walls, linens and furniture are given a new lease of life with a layer of white. The whole room suddenly brightens and gives the illusion of a larger space.