5 decorative styles for the dining room

5 decorative styles for the dining room

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The dining room represents the heart of the house because it is around the table that everyone meets to take meals. Even if the dining room is sometimes open on the kitchen or the living room, it is a whole room of the house that will have to be decorated! Here are 5 styles of dining rooms to inspire you.

A designer dining room

Fly ### The designer dining room is very refined! Then choose a table with simple and geometric lines and opt for ultra design metal chairs. Bet on an XXL suspension above the table to balance the room.

An industrial dining room

Fly ### For an industrial style, opt for a raw wood table with a metal base. Replace traditional chairs with benches. Accessorize the room with an industrial pendant light and a large clock. In terms of materials, think of concrete for a very rough appearance.

A baroque dining room

Fly ### In the baroque dining room, all extravagance is allowed! Choose a black lacquered table with very stylized legs and bet on plexiglass chairs in a neon pink color for an amazing contrast.

A chic country dining room

Maisons du monde ### Finally, for a chic country style choose an aged wooden table with a white base. Opt for bistro-style wooden chairs for a mottled spirit. To dress the room, install a monumental dresser.


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