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The ideal colors in the living room

The ideal colors in the living room

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Tired of your sad and dull living room? Make this space the centerpiece of your interior by focusing on decoration where color prevails. Sensual, acidulous and vitamin colors where colors full of depth, reveal you the flagship shades of the season.

Dare to be black

Dulux Valentine Black in a living room, you have to dare. And yet, this shade can take on a very chic and even warm character as long as it is handled subtly. It is not a question of transforming a living room into a Gothic chapel: it is therefore used sparingly on a wall, or even a single base. Ideal for covering a stone or brick wall, the black associated with the relief will give a loft style to the room.

Linen for the basements

Leroy Merlin A sober color, linen has been a very present shade for several years in living rooms such as the living room. To give it a little more character and visually enlarge the room, you can paint only the lower part of the walls in this color. Zen spirit and chic atmosphere, inherited from the Haussmann apartments, guaranteed.

Yellow in tie and dye

1825 Why not yellow in the living room? Less exciting than red, lemon is synonymous with good humor. To avoid the overly oppressive effect of such a bright color, here is a decorative idea as original as it is unexpected: degrade yellow in a tie and dye spirit. We keep the sunshine of the color without it being too present. This pop shade will awaken your decor and go perfectly with gray, white and why not, with a duck blue.

Timeless white

Castorama White adapts to all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. It highlights beautiful furniture. It is a shade which seems basic but which should not be neglected because it avoids any lack of taste and illuminates the somewhat dark living rooms. A risk-free choice.

Duck blue to wake up a wall

Dulux Valentine This deep blue, which can take shades of green or gray depending on the light, is very trendy. It goes perfectly with vintage varnished woods. Even small living rooms can risk it provided they are satisfied with a single section of wall. In total look, the duck blue risks crushing your volumes. So we temper it with white.

Plum has character

Adela Parvu Plum gives character to a room. To keep this shade elegant, it must be handled with care as it can very quickly darken your living room. If you have a clear or even white parquet, purple will be ideal. Do not cover more than two wall sections and reduce the effect with beige or pearl gray on the other walls.

Absinthe for a 1950's look

Resource Retro colors, like vintage furniture, are fashionable. The absinthe color, spectrum of green, has a very 50's connotation. It goes perfectly with Scandinavian furniture but also with warm tones like brown.

Storm blue

Farrow & Ball You can't escape it, the storm blue, a soft shade of gray, is a soothing color that fits perfectly with the pastel trend. She leaves the bedroom to gradually assert herself in the living room. Ideal with parquet that will warm the atmosphere, the storm blue combines with cream, brown but also other shades of blue and even mint green, another shade very fashionable.

Fuchsia by touches

Ripolin Fuchsia, we love it. Tonic, cheerful, original, this color can be a real asset for your living room. But, we use it sparingly, in small touches, in combination with white. The fuchsia makes it possible to underline a detail, a relief of your living room. We avoid marrying it with black which would give a slightly outdated boudoir side to your living room and would be especially far too dark.

Yellow on a wall

Castorama Brighten up your living room with a yellow decoration on a wall panel. Warm and bright, this color of the sun has the advantage of bringing depth and unparalleled lighting of spaces. So do not hesitate to use it if your living room is small or oriented north.

Blue from every angle

Maisons du Monde Evoking both the sky, the sea and freshness, blue is available in a number of colors to suit everyone's decoration. Navy blue for a seaside style, light blue for a soft ambiance or lagoon blue to energize your interior… Whatever style and atmosphere you want to give to your living room, blue becomes the essential color of our spaces .

To see life in pink

Castorama Exit gloom, give character to your living room by betting on pink. Glamorous, this warm and girly color will bring a punchy touch to your space. Associated with purple hues, it will create a very contemporary effect, in tune with the times.

The green

Cappellini Bring a breath of fresh air into your living room and give your space a new lease of life with a green decoration. Particularly invigorating, green evokes a refreshing nature and the waters of the lagoons of the South Seas. Spring color par excellence, it will bring well-being, joie de vivre and harmony in your living room.

Beige as a backdrop

Leroy Merlin Do you love the family house style? Why not opt ​​for a living room decoration inspired by this trend. Warmer than immaculate white and ideal as a backdrop, beige will give your living room a natural, cozy, elegant and timeless side where it is good to bask.

Red for a festive fair

Marty What could be more intense, more sensual and more spicy than a red decoration? Dominated by this color, the living room is adorned with a warm aspect while awakening and stimulating our senses. A lively and festive style that will not leave you indifferent.


Marty Considered by many specialists as the red of tomorrow, orange has made a remarkable entry into our salons. Living colors par excellence, it seduces us with its great luminosity and its warm side. Exit the total look inspired by the seventies style, this season we use it in small touches in a more sober decoration to wake up our interior.

Black and white

Leroy Merlin Do you like black and white? Place your living room under the sign of purity and elegance by betting on these two colors. Zen and design, they play on contrasts to adapt to all our decors and all our desires.


Marty Want a good mood? Go for pop colors in your living room. The acidulous and tonic colors like yellow, orange, pink or green will have the advantage of waking up your interior and giving it pep's. You will understand, in this type of decoration, the key word is alive.

A white to degrade

Tollens Avoid mistakes in taste by betting on a salon with a total white look. Synonymous with purity and freshness, this color balances and softens our living rooms in the simplest way possible. Pearl, metallic silver, iridescent or bleached beige, play on the endless possibilities according to your decor.


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