5 kitchen styles to inspire you

5 kitchen styles to inspire you

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The kitchen is the place for all culinary pleasures, from preparation to tasting! It is therefore not a surprise if it is the favorite piece of the French. It is therefore better to choose the style that most closely resembles us. Overview of the most fashionable atmospheres, signed Lapeyre.

Mixture of stainless steel and wood for a very contemporary look

Lapeyre ### The top trend in the kitchen is the return of wood, but a contemporary version. The secret ? Choose light wood like beech and combine it with the silver color of stainless steel. Here is a fine example. The soft and refined result has everything to please!

Bright red for dynamic cuisine

Lapeyre ### The invigorating red is welcome in energetic spaces like the kitchen. Here is a nice illustration. The marriage of the bullfighter red of the walls and the dark gray color of the furniture perfectly matches the loft style interiors.

Combination of wood and black for an elegant natural cuisine

Lapeyre ### Fancy sobriety but not the total look? Fancy a touch of well-being but with a sophisticated penchant? Here is the kitchen for you! The furniture is clad in black, the worktops are made of wood, and a few plants placed here and there provide a relaxing side.

Country chic spirit

Lapeyre ### Kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling, glass furniture revealing the dishes, storage baskets and wooden furniture: yes, all the strong elements of a country style kitchen are here. And because these family kitchens are generally spacious, here it is equipped with a majestic central island. We move, we breathe, we feel good there.


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