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The Val de Brangon

The Val de Brangon

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Destination Morbihan to discover a most picturesque guest house. Located a few minutes from the Ile aux Moines, this old farmhouse from 1824 has had a facelift to offer 5 charming rooms named after the old seigneuries of Baden.

The terrace

Val de Brangon The outdoor terrace of Val de Brangon

The Rohello

Val de Brangon The Rohello room refers to the castle built in 1850 by the Viscount of Gorvello


Val de Brangon The room is named after the castle which belonged to the Dondel family from the 17th to the 20th century

Restaurant room

Val de Brangon The Val de Brangon restaurant room opens to you in a decor that plays the card of finesse

The swimming pool

Val de Brangon A moment of relaxation is essential around the swimming pool

Little corner of nature

Val de Brangon A little piece of nature