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5 lounges to accommodate the whole family

5 lounges to accommodate the whole family

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The living room is, by definition, the room where the whole family meets! We also welcome friends there for moments of sharing. So you have to create a friendly room with enough space for everyone to settle in. To inspire you, here are 5 lounges to bring the family together in a friendly atmosphere.

Multiplied seats in the living room


### Please note that you don't have to choose more than one sofa. Indeed, you can choose different seats in the room. Here, the whole family can sit on the large sofa, on an armchair or even on an ottoman. The idea is to be able to gather everyone around the coffee table.

An XXL sofa for the living room


### To dress the living room and have enough space to seat everyone, you can also opt for an XXL sofa. Do not hesitate to choose a corner sofa that will allow you to save seats. Here, the sofa can accommodate many people and even serve as extra sleeping without having to unfold it.

Warm benches in the living room

Dulux Valentine

### So that everyone can settle in, you can opt for benches that you will install against the walls of the entire living room. Do not hesitate to add armchairs if necessary so that the living room is a real family meeting space.

Accessories for the friendly side


### Finally, know that to get a friendly living room, it is not enough that everyone can sit! In terms of decoration, bring a very warm spirit by choosing a soft carpet and thick curtains. You can also multiply the cushions to give a cozy look to the room. And if you lack space, children can use the cushions to settle on the floor.


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