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10 stickers to revamp large appliances

10 stickers to revamp large appliances

Why do dishwashers, washing machines and dryers only have a common, boring white veil? The answer, we don't have it. On the other hand, the solution, yes! This can be summed up in one word: stickers, of which here are 10 examples with well-tempered decorative styles.


Placard & Nous The kitchen refrigerator is as greedy outside as inside. A cupcake-based coating in series.


La Maison de Valérie In the kitchen, the lack of aesthetics in the fridge has been swapped for a BD-style cover that respects its black and white color code. So chic!

Marseille soaps

Placard & Nous In the utility room, the washing machine disappears in favor of a few piles of beautifully erected Marseille soaps. Unusual and chic.

Wet laundry

Adzif Optical illusion in the laundry room: a sticker of wet linen colored at the window, purely false, purely decorative!

Clean dishes

Placard & Nous Another trompe-l'oeil effect: the inside of the dishwasher, seen from the outside! You follow ? We love it!

New York

France Avenue Direction New York in the kitchen! A simple sticker with the image of the Chrysler Building and the journey is immediate.

Madness paris

Placard & Nous Lovers of the French capital can fall for these stickers representing the Eiffel Tower en masse. Especially since having eyes only for them, we literally forget about the large appliances that it conceals ...

American flag

Adzif The dining room supports the USA! American flag along the fridge, and the "American campus" atmosphere is planted.


Adzif Between drops of water and waves: this washing machine seems to take an aquatic turn which will delight it.