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Ikea presents its new kitchen collection for 2012

Ikea presents its new kitchen collection for 2012

The new Ikea kitchen collection offers new models where life is good! The models are original, spacious and comfortable to make the kitchen a living room in its own right. Discover the new collection in pictures.

Dark furniture in the kitchen

Ikea ### Unlike the previous kitchen, it offers very dark wooden furniture, bordering on black, with a white work surface to illuminate the room. This association gives the kitchen a very elegant atmosphere.

Bistro chic cuisine

Ikea ### For a chic bistro atmosphere, we opt for a kitchen with stainless steel furniture for a very professional appearance. To soften the whole, we choose a wooden worktop. Place high stools around the central island for convivial meals.

Color for the kitchen

Ikea ### To brighten up the kitchen, we choose a vitamin kitchen with some white cupboards and other acidulous greens in a very shiny material which reflects the light. This cuisine mixes pop and clean lines for a very modern style.

A light wood kitchen for a natural style

Ikea ### Finally, the kitchen becomes a very natural room when you choose this kitchen dressed in very light wood to flood the room with light. This model offers a very pure design which will be ideal to give a Zen style to the kitchen.