A weekend in Toulouse

A weekend in Toulouse

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Rightly nicknamed and in a very pretty way the Pink City, with its reflections sometimes pink, sometimes red or purple depending on the time of day, Toulouse serves as the capital of the Southwest region. You will discover a very present architectural and cultural heritage, a very pleasant art of living with Provencal accents and flavors to thrill your palate…


City of Toulouse You will obviously pass in the heart of the city on the large Place du Capitole. This imposing monument is the emblem of the city and the place of municipal power for 8 centuries. It was initially a whole set of buildings erected and modified over time. You will be able to discover the elements that have survived: the tower of the archives of the 16th century which today houses the Toulouse Tourist Office (, the galleries of the 17th century Henri IV courtyard and finally this magnificent facade of the 18th century town hall, with its 8 pink marble columns.

Charming hotel in the heart of Toulouse

Hotel des Beaux Arts It will be time to find a pleasant base. To visit Toulouse, nothing better than a hotel in the city center. The Hotel des Beaux Arts is a charming 3-star hotel whose chic and cozy English decor will make your stay refined and comfortable. From your room, you will have a breathtaking view of the banks of the Garonne and pleasantly relaxed, you will escape…

Cruise on the Canal du Midi

City of Toulouse A cruise on the famous Canal du Midi, registered with UNESCO, will allow you to discover the titanic work of Pierre-Paul Riquet who, in the 17th century, took up the challenge of connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean to facilitate trade in goods, especially wheat.

Fancy the traditional flavors of Toulouse terroir?

Maison du cassoulet restaurant A stay in the South West is also necessarily a gastronomic stay: culinary specialties are not to be outdone. In Toulouse itself, it is the famous sausage that you will absolutely have to taste! Composed only of fresh pork, salt and pepper, the Toulouse sausage follows precise specifications to guarantee impeccable quality. And it is of course in the cassoulet that you can also taste it. This is why the restaurant "la maison du Cassoulet" will fulfill your desires for traditional local gastronomy!

Gourmet cuisine with a taste of the South West and more…

Michel Sarran restaurant The cuisine of the South-West also includes confits, duck breasts, foie gras or even Roquefort and Laguiole! It is in any case a cuisine with Provencal and Mediterranean flavors. And if you want to dazzle your taste buds with dishes that are modern, creative, refined, all in a charming, warm and friendly atmosphere, then head to the gourmet restaurant of Michel Sarran.

Gourmet cuisine, our taste buds never tire of it!

Ô saveurs restaurant And as we do not like that good things come to an end, here is another address of a gourmet restaurant in Rouffiac-Tolosan, at the gates of Toulouse, which will also delight your palate. It is the restaurant "Ô Saveurs" where the two chefs, Daniel Gonzales and David Biasibetti, share know-how, passion and collaboration. In the end, a creative, modern and harmonious cuisine, all in an authentic, peaceful and warm setting.


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