What type of ramp for my stairs?

What type of ramp for my stairs?

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If the stair railings are essential to secure the ascent of the steps and prevent the risk of falling on a mezzanine or landing, they can also become decorative elements in their own right! It is enough to remain faithful to the style of our interior to determine their shape, their color and the material to choose. Look at 5 different railing styles to enhance the stairs.

A loft-style banister

Lapeyre ### In a loft interior, the color black is often used to highlight the elements of the decor and thus enhance them. The ramp, also called the handrail, is no exception to the rule! We therefore choose her dressed in black, the ideal being to marry it with a filling and stainless steel steps to create the metal / black contrast that characterizes the industrial style so well.

A designer stair railing

Lapeyre ### If spiral staircases are above all appreciated for their space saving side, they also offer a resolutely aesthetic look. The shape of the ramp only follows the movement! In terms of material and color, we are happy to move towards black lacquered metal to enhance the stairs. Design spirit when you hold us!

A stair railing for a contemporary interior

Lapeyre ### This stainless steel railing with rounded finishes ideally finds its place in a contemporary interior. The right idea? Combine it with glass plates as a filling and cut out steps to play on the transparency and purity of modern houses.

A natural staircase banister

Lapeyre ### Nothing could be simpler and more natural than a straight handrail in beech. In this space-saving staircase with offset steps, the flagship color of the Scandinavian decor sets the tone. Here, the ascent of the steps is done smoothly please!


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