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How to bring color into the bathroom?

How to bring color into the bathroom?

To get out of the traditional hygienic white bathroom, there are now multiple decorating tips. Bringing color into the bathroom becomes child's play thanks to the walls, furniture, accessories and even the bathtub. Demonstration.

Colorful bathroom tiles

Lapeyre ### Tiling is also no longer satisfied with traditional white! It is adorned with multiple colors that will allow you to create colorful decorations in the bathroom. We simply opt for a section of colored tiling wall or we put on a frieze to give tone to the room as here with the color red.

The walls of the bathroom in color

Espace Aubade ### If you don't want to tile the walls of the bathroom, you can choose paint and even very colorful paint! For an optimal result, choose a paint suitable for this room, i.e. wet rooms.

Colorful accessories for the bathroom

Espace Aubade ### If the walls and furniture of your bathroom are white, you can still add color using the accessories. Choose a vitamin stool, colorful suspensions and even think about choosing beauty products with colored bottles.

A colorful bathtub

Aquamass ### Finally, for a really original touch of color in the bathroom, we have a bright bathtub. Not only will it be very decorative in the room but it will also bring you a lot of comfort thanks to chromotherapy.