What arrangement for the bathtub in the bathroom?

What arrangement for the bathtub in the bathroom?

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Nothing like a bathtub in the bathroom to prolong rest and relaxation at the end of a long day. But before choosing the model, whether round, rectangular or oval, you must first determine the location that will be assigned to it according to the space available. Overview of the 5 different ways to design the bathroom area.

Corner bath

Cedeo ### For those who refuse to choose the traditional rectangular shape for their bathtub, there are the corner models. Located between two perpendicular walls of at least 130 cm by 130, a size also suitable for small bathrooms, the relaxation area seems to preside over the room. If your bathroom is spacious, you can even install a corner bath up to 190 x 190 cm for more comfort!

A freestanding bathtub

Cedeo ### After its dazzling success in the 1950s, the freestanding bathtub, the best known of which is none other than the lion's feet bathtub, is back in force in our bathrooms. Its majestic location in the center of the room, like an elegant white sculpture, makes it the master element of the space. If you want to enhance the bathroom, this trend is for you ... provided you have a spacious bathroom.

A sunken bathtub on the floor

Point P ### Make way for luxury in a spa spirit! To make your bathtub look like a mini pool, you can embed it below ground level or cover it with a raised bath apron. Because nothing prevents us from dreaming ... But beware, this arrangement is reserved for apartments and houses on the ground floor.

A bathtub embedded between 3 walls

Cedeo ### The principle is the same as for the wall-mounted bathtub, except that here it is an even smaller space (when the area of ​​your bathroom is less than 5 square meters) . You can then nest a bathtub in the corner of the room, between three walls. Note that claw baths are the most suitable for small spaces since they measure only 100 cm by 70 or 120 cm by 70.