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The kitchen deserves its dining area

The kitchen deserves its dining area

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Having a dining area in the kitchen has only advantages. Your troops can take meals there while being with you, and the dining room is no longer used every day which gives you great freedom in terms of decoration. Whether integrated into the kitchen or consisting of a table and chairs, the dining area of ​​your kitchen will delight the whole family. Need ideas? Discover our selection…

On the island

Aviva With this kitchen, Aviva offers to integrate the dining area into the central island. We love the sobriety of the elements and the marriage of white, wood and natural materials. A kitchen that is both pretty and practical.

Height play

Aviva Here you discover Aviva cuisine which offers not one but two dining areas! The first is located high up and allows you to be in contact with the person who prepares good meals, the second consists of a table and chairs to allow the whole family to share a meal.

Space saving

Conforama Thanks to this kitchen, Conforama offers a dining area that can accommodate up to 4 people in a minimum of space. The stools slide under the table when the meal is finished. We love the marriage of black and white and the wall on which we can draw in chalk.

Red and white

Ikea This kitchen offered by Ikea is one of our favorites. We love the red color which puts us in a good mood and the very spacious white table. It is the ideal kitchen for modern families!

Sea side

Maisons du Monde Here you discover a white wooden kitchen which offers a seaside decor. Proposed by Maisons du Monde, the whole is friendly and traditional. The dining area consists of a table and several chairs, all perfectly coordinated with the elements of the kitchen.


Marchi Cucine This cuisine offered by Marchi Cucine is simply fabulous. We love its old side and its glamorous dining area perfectly in tune with the kitchen elements. The editor's favorite!

From space

Marchi Cucine Here is a kitchen that does not lack space and in which a magnificent dining area has been installed. We love the bench which accentuates the conviviality and the tribal side but also the naturalness of the wood skillfully married to the metal.


Stosa Do you dream of an ultra modern kitchen? Here is a creation that should suit you. The kitchen, in shades of gray, is contemporary and very well equipped. The dining area is exactly the right size and can accommodate the family for all meals of the day.


Lapeyre Here is a cuisine offered by the Lapeyre brand. Its small bistro side and the marriage of gray and white exude conviviality. The dining area is traditional since it consists of a table and chairs. The decor tip: mismatch the chairs!