Slate paint appeals to young and old

Slate paint appeals to young and old

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To give a very playful style to your walls, paint manufacturers offer to recreate the famous school blackboards in your interior. Thanks to a slate painting, writing on the walls becomes child's play and seduces young and old alike. Here are some ideas for using slate paint in your interior.

Slate paint in the entrance

Decorative house In the entrance, we opt for traditional slate paint with its black color. You can, for example, paint the front door to use it as a reminder before leaving the house.

Slate paint in the kitchen

Julien In the kitchen, the slate paint will be ideal for writing the shopping list as you go. You can also write down your favorite recipes directly on the wall to avoid staining your cookbook.

Slate paint as decoration

Decorative house In the living room, consider using slate paint to create very decorative shapes on your wall. Indeed, you do not have to paint the entire wall but you can opt for colored circles or strips of paint to leave your little words. Do not hesitate to play with colors.

Slate paint to simplify storage

Decorative house Slate paint can also be used in closets. For example, you can paint one side of your cardboard boxes or storage boxes to chalk out what is inside and save time.


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