Post-it war is declared

Post-it war is declared

Rayman VS Rabbid. It is last January, when an Ubisoft employee in the Paris region decides to make the character of video games in Post-it on the windows of the building. Opposite, the employees of the neighboring BNP do not hesitate to reply and reproduce the stupid rodent. First battle of a war which today affects the whole of Ile-de-France and the other regions. A small overview of the most beautiful works produced, of course, during the lunch break and / or the evening.

Wéo Lille

The Wéo Lille team The employees of the Wéo company make Lille people smile.

French rail network

Quentin Blanchard Pac Man attacks the French rail network, Lyon.


La Défense 92 On six floors, between 45 and 50 employees of Société Générale de la Défense produced this work made up of 9,000 Post-it notes in 8 color variants.

M6 Web Paris

M6 Web Paris Pac Man and Babar: two idols at M6 Web Paris.