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Maisons du Monde and its children's collection, part 1: boys side

Maisons du Monde and its children's collection, part 1: boys side

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Attention, big crush in sight. A crisp maxi children's collection that only gives us one desire: to redecorate their bedroom. It's signed Maisons du Monde, it just came out and it's teeming with ideas. In addition, it is perfect for the long holidays, the ideal period to reinvent the decor ... Come on, we'll take you for a walk on the boys' side!


Maisons du Monde For little budding explorers, here is an Indiana Jones-style room: walls lined with maps of the world, bed in an extra tent, world map and XXL stuffed animals, we love it!


Maisons du Monde Because astronomy arouses the curiosity of many toddlers, this room has bet on a very successful journey in space. On its black walls, stars and planets in the galaxy have enough to transport them to another universe…

New York

Maisons du Monde Fan, fan, fan, we are a fan of this room in gray and yellow, gray like the skyscrapers of the city that never sleeps, yellow like its taxis. A skyline headboard, American road signs, industrial lamp, who says better?

Sea side

Maisons du Monde A beach shed hosting the bed, pretty woven storage, "fish" rugs that you don't want to fish and corner test tubes, all on a blue and white background… How to say. In this child's room, holidays at sea are all the time!


Maisons du Monde Rock stars as tall as three apples have something to fill: desks, stickers and mirrors play the guitar! Add to that pop colors juggling between red and black so that their favorite music definitely leads the way.

Formula 1

Maisons du Monde For little budding pilots, this is the dream room. A car bed, a formula 1 triptych, numbered furniture as on racings: what more could you ask for?


Maisons du Monde Down with the captain! Quickly, we drop anchor on the marine stripes, the paneling, a few touches of red come to energize the sky blue mood and decorative letters forming the word "pirate". Head for the ocean!


Maisons du Monde Girages, tigers and monkeys available in bed linen, carpets, giant plush or desk, that's enough to take little wolves on safari on African soil, and without leaving their room!

Little schoolboy

Maisons du Monde Adorable, this room shared by two brothers is the very embodiment of the little schoolboy style. Black and white checkered-style floor, decorative world map, retro coat rack and XXL pencils: here, the playing field is studious only in appearance…