The new Cyrillus 2013-2014 collection

The new Cyrillus 2013-2014 collection

Cyrillus unveils for this new season, an enchanting collection that puts polka dots, tiles, liberty flowers, stripes and geometric patterns at the top of trends. Bed linen, cushions, storage, accessories harmonize as much by the color as by the patterns.

Geometric bed linen

Cyrillus Rhombuses in harmonies of pastel colors to contrast the strict dimension of the motif.

Scottish bed linen

Cyrillus Reserved for little boys, the blue and red Scottish pattern bed linen warms and dresses the room with a soft British accent.

Striped bed linen

Cyrillus Another motif at the top of the pavement this season is stripes. Gray, burgundy, navy blue or white, they invigorate the bedroom for little boys.

Bed linen for Liberty children, like adults

Cyrillus The Liberty motif can also be found in children's rooms. Preferably in pink to please little girls, it combines with star cushions and plant wallpaper to strengthen its poetic side.

Liberty accessories

Cyrillus To coordinate with Liberty bed linen, accessories such as pouches, lamps or cushions use the flagship motif generally used in fashion.

Gray and plaid plaids

Cyrillus The softness of textiles is dressed in large gray tiles to add life to the heart of winter.

Baby storage

Cyrillus A small box mounted on wheels so that tidying up becomes fun. This decorative solution invites children to put their bedroom in order, in a pleasant way.

All gray storage

Cyrillus The flagship color this season is gray. Mouse gray, pearl gray or storm gray, it is available on objects and accessories to harmonize with all other colors.

Patterned storage

Cyrillus The patterns also take up storage. Dots, stars and words appear on the fabrics to become as decorative as practical!