Paper light fixtures

Paper light fixtures

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If you want to change traditional suspensions and other lights with fabric shades, know that paper is a very nice alternative. It offers light fixtures that let a poetic style hover in the house. Discover 10 paper lights in pictures.

Japanese balls revisited

La Redoute Know that the creators appropriated the Japanese suspensions by offering them a bold look with patterns for example. For children, we will bet for example on a Japanese ball with stars.

Japanese balls floor lamp version

Fly For adults too we put on Japanese balls in a revisited version. We can for example bet on a Japanese pendant lamp in the form of a floor lamp for a look that is both design and poetic.

Japanese balls to ask

La Redoute Likewise to change the classic Japanese pendant light, we can opt for balls with a very light metal structure with feet that allow the balls to stand upright like a table lamp.

XXS Japanese balls

Homology For small accent lamps that will create a poetic atmosphere in the house, you can also bet on paper. We will then opt for this creation which presents six small eggs to be moved as you see fit.

A revisited paper light fixture

Homology This original pendant light is inspired by Japanese balls but also frees itself from form by not offering a perfect roundness for more character. It also multiplies the lanterns for a very poetic light ensemble.

Small paper cushions

Ikea To change the shape of the ball, there are also original lights that take the form of small cushions of light paper that let filter a soft and warm light.

A lamp with pennant-style paper

Homology This original lamp uses Japanese paper to hide the bulbs like a lampshade but it frees itself from the form by proposing sections of colored paper. The result then presents a lamp with flags of paper.

A paper lamp to customize

Pa Design Very original, this light looks like a notepad that contains a lampshade. This notebook is then a real field of expression where you will be able to draw the ideal base for your lamp and change the page when you want another creation.

Japanese woven and braided paper

Sandra Clodion To revisit the paper pendant, this lamp uses Japanese paper woven in a strip which is then braided to form an original pendant.

Lantern lights

Alinéa Here we discover a Japanese atmosphere with lights that look like paper lanterns. The decorative idea to remember: multiply them in different sizes to create a very intimate atmosphere.

Pretty colorful papers

Liacrea We crack in front of these suspensions covered with papers with patterns more beautiful than the others! Graphic prints, small flowers… it's up to you!

Little Japanese balls

Maisons du Monde These four paper lamps take us straight to China where we are used to finding them. Imagined in 4 different colors, they will make a splash in your decor!

Hot air balloons

Alinéa The hot air balloon shape of these lights is a classic, but it works wonderfully in all interior styles! Children's room or living room, it is made a small place, alone or accompanied.

The white light

Ikea In this immaculate white living room, there is a traditional white paper fixture that blends perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Shapes still shapes

Leroy Merlin Paper lights can have all possible shapes. Round, oval, square, the choice is yours!

A pendant light

Ikea Pendant lamps have the wind in their sails since they bring a lot of movement to the room in which they are installed. We therefore do not hesitate to bet on this white paper floor lamp designed like a half sphere.

The square luminaire

Ikea We finally change the round shape to a column light with well-defined lines! It lands on the ground and moves according to the desires and needs of the whole family.

We see the wires

Arki Levy Here, the idea is to leave the wires of the luminaires visible in order to remind us of the famous portable lamps useful on construction sites.

Patterned lights

Maisons du Monde We love these paper lamps which, for a change, have been coated with gray peas. Why not hang one in the bedroom?