20 dream pool houses

20 dream pool houses

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For many of us the holidays are coming to an end. So to get away from it all a bit, discover magnificent pool houses or pool bungalows. These pool shelters are often small annex houses where there are rooms for guests, a summer kitchen, a sauna, an outdoor bar or even a dining room for parties by the pool. Immerse yourself in the world of these different style pool houses to extend the sweetness of summer vacations!

With kitchen

Brady Design When - and it seems to be the case here - the swimming pool is rather far from the house, the bungalows transform the swimming pools into a real second place of life. You can very clearly see a kitchen inside it. Ideal when you want to enjoy a good salad between two ploufs.

In the center of a beautiful garden

Howard Design Studio At the heart of this beautiful, perfectly maintained garden is a miniature version of the large house to which it belongs.

Arbor and greenery

Anne Decker Architects The superb pool house of this house is made up of a wooden arbor joining two small old buildings.

Ultra modern

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects At the end of a swimming pool belonging to a very designer house of architect is this ultra modern pool house with clean lines.

Classic and chic

Howard Design Studio At the end of a pretty swimming pool surrounded by perfectly cut bushes stands a pool enclosure with very classical architecture. An extra touch of chic, if you needed one.

In the extension of the house

Soler Architecture & Design A pool enclosure is not necessarily - even so often - separate from the main house. Here, the bay window of a summer kitchen opens directly onto the swimming pool.

With maxi bay window

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects In order to make the most of the swimming pool, the walls of this pool house have been erected entirely in glass.

Real second home

Workshop / APD Sometimes - and this is the case here - the bungalows are radically different from the technical room they were in another era. As you can see, this one has a floor.

With arbor and barbecue

Workshop / APD This pool enclosure combines the best of two worlds. Its covered part most certainly contains a small living room as well as a kitchen - in addition to the inevitable technical room. Its external part allows you to enjoy a good meal by the water, sheltered from the sun.

African hut

Cordaterra Bahia To create an island of shade and relaxation by the landscaped swimming pool, the owners of the Cordaterra Bahia guest house in Brazil have imagined a large African hut-style hut. This system, both natural and durable, gives the living space a cabin look.


Crisp Architects Ideal for storing all your pool accessories and creating a comfortable place to live, this pool house offers all the necessary comfort. Composed of an outdoor terrace with a fireplace and a fitted kitchen and an annex that can serve as a guest bedroom, it is the promise of beautiful moments of relaxation.


Gordon Landscape Architects With its colonnades, this large extension takes up the ancient style of Roman houses. We love the two terraces which offer differentiated relaxation areas!


Maurice Ugo Installed under the foliage, at the end of the swimming pool, this clear stone pool house inspired by the longères of yesteryear is as much a testimony of the past as a very current space with all the necessary comfort. Its discreet structure, all in length, has been privileged, in order to accommodate many guests.


MGA Concept With its design and very refined architecture, the MGA Concept pool house aims for the essential and simplicity. Lovers of sobriety, you will quickly fall in love with its covered terrace with minimalist lines, conducive to relaxation and well-being.


Wagner Hodgson This modern pool house with pleasant and very functional proportions signed Wagner Hodgson naturally finds its place in all gardens. This attractive building with a very refined design easily blends with the swimming pool and the landscape. Designed in wood, it seduces us with its robustness and durability.


Veranclassic Exit the sleek, designer exteriors and make way for romance with this country house style bungalow, inspired by the English cottages of yesteryear. Adorned with half-timbering and a thatched roof, the very cocooning pool house Veranclassic invites you to relax.

Agricultural shed

Livinglodge With its appearance of a small shed, the classic wooden Livinglodge pool house offers enough space for pool beds, a shower, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a technical area. How not to crack!

Garden shed

On the terrace side This wooden house made of a traditional frame is often considered as an XXL garden shed; it is actually an exceptional construction! Consisting of a closed part and a large outdoor space, its covered wooden terrace allows you to arrange a large table, a kitchen and even a garden furniture! And find the whole range of garden sheds on the price comparison of. We have grouped hundreds of offers from garden & DIY merchants!


Hariri & Hariri Architecture Favorite for this pool house signed Hariri & Hariri Architecture. Its avant-garde and ultra-modern construction is based on the principle of minimalism and on a strong connection with nature. Designed in walnut wood, it is distinguished by its geometric and unusual shape.