Recovered ideas for the garden

Recovered ideas for the garden

Stop wasting, let's be imaginative to decorate and personalize the garden! Against all expectations, by diverting and renovating furniture and utensils, we obtain a rendering that is as beautiful as it is surprising ...

Convert a bed into a bench

Maisons du Monde A wooden canopy bed or a single wrought iron bed: here are pieces of furniture that can easily be transformed into outdoor benches after covering them with cushions and even net curtains for a more romantic style, like here. Please note: they must be refurbished beforehand and coated with anti-rust and anti-wear protective paint.

Repainting old chairs

Maisons du Monde It is simple and effective. After lightly sanding old chairs, you apply a coat or two of paint, a protective layer, and give them a new life! Remember to choose bright and colorful shades, enough to brighten up the garden and create a surpriseā€¦

Use a ladder or stepladder to display flowers

Truffaut Fancy a beautiful setting in the garden without spending a dime? Let us make room for the stairs and stepladders! Rather than putting them outside or forgetting them in the garage, transform these pieces of furniture into outdoor decor accessories. Plants and flowers are placed and hung there like a pyramid, enough to enhance pots. Get inspired!

Repaint terracotta pots

Truffaut After repainting the chairs, we repaint the pots. But not just any. Even the most damaged terracotta pots are easy to restore. By painting them in a bright color, they will look great in the garden. An idea to adopt urgently!

Vintage objects, on a retro look

Comptoir de Famille Rather than double-locking old antiqued accessories, remember to display them in the garden! An old-fashioned dryer, a small bell at the entrance of the house, so many ideas to bring up to date to play the retro card with subtlety.

Use crates to stage the plants

Truffaut Market crates have a second life in the garden or on the terrace. The idea? Raise the flower pots to create volume and rhythm.

Revive old fishing gear

Ikéa An old buoy found in the attic, an old fishing basket unearthed in the garage, boat lanterns found on a flea market: it was enough for your garden to look like seaside with some ideas recuperated .

Use a bench as a coffee table

Ikéa After buying your sofa and your armchairs for the garden, your decoration budget is exploded? We have the solution so that this summer you still have a coffee table available. It is enough to recover an old bench, which once repainted finds a whole new purpose in the center of the terrace.

Create a fountain with barrels

Maginea If you are a DIY expert, then this recuperative tip is for you! With some old barrels, pipes and some elbow grease, this fountain will soon be yours.

Divert cans

La Vie à la Fresh What could be simpler than collecting your cans and using them in pots to plant flowers or aromatic plants? To make them look great in the garden, paint them in bright colors like blue, red or even yellow.

Stack old wooden crates

Ikéa You invited people and you are in lack of seats? Do not panic ! You just need to stack a few wooden boxes and put a soft cushion on them so that everyone has a place.

Give another use to a colander

Ikéa If, like us, you like gardens that breathe originality, without however doing too much, bet on this unusual decoration tip: a colander that turns into a flowerpot. Once suspended, the latter creates the decor.

Find another function at a bird cage

Ikéa You found an old bird cage in your attic but you don't see the use in it? Why don't you turn it into a tealight holder in the garden? Hanging or placed on the ground, your candles will shine brightly.

Planting in a palette

On a balcony, a terrace or in a corner of the garden, this palette transformed into a small vegetable garden has everything to seduce you. In addition to being easy to implement, this tip will allow you to always have aromatic plants at your disposal.