Low prices: tablecloths to energize the garden

Low prices: tablecloths to energize the garden

To make your garden table like no other this summer, bet on a trendy tablecloth for a festive and warm atmosphere. Exotic patterns, colorful stripes and small wildflowers are there to blow the air of good humor on your decor. Indulge yourself without breaking the bank with this selection at low prices.

Chic elegance

Linvosges Sober and elegant, this tablecloth embroidered with a dragonfly and a branch of foliage brings your table into the summer. * Price: from 10 euros at Linvosges *

Pop and colorful

Delamaison Ideal for balconies, this pop and colorful tablecloth gives a festive air to your meals! * Price: from 28.90 euros at Delamaison *

Warm country

La Redoute We love this little square cotton tablecloth and these pretty embroidered hens! Ideal for creating a country atmosphere. * Price: 35 euros at La Redoute *

Sea side

Françoise Saget We have a seaside atmosphere with this pretty tablecloth and its small printed fish. A pretty model with an evocative name: "Dans les Calanques". * Price: from 32 euros at Delamaison *

Retro chic

La Redoute Charm and color for this pretty tablecloth (Earl Gray The Rouge model) with striped checks that will brighten up your summer lunches. * Price: 63.70 euros at La Redoute *

Young and pop

Ikea Low price and max style for this colorful tablecloth (fabric by the meter 9 euros at Ikea): ideal for creating a festive atmosphere on your terrace!

Printed and Multigraphic

La Redoute Interieurs We love the soft colors and graphic patterns of this beautiful tablecloth. * Price: 24.99 euros at La Redoute *

Spotted !

Françoise Saget Adopt the multicolored peas of the "Monday in the sun" model and revamp your stack table in the girly trend! * Price: 47 euros at Françoise Saget *

Bohemian chic

Le Jacquard Français 100% cotton, this magnificent colorful coated tablecloth (Zingaro model at Le Jacquard Français) will dress your table with a bohemian chic touch. * Price: 99 euros at Le Jacquard Français *

Colorful stripes

You will only need the cicadas to create a Provencal atmosphere on your table with this coated striped tablecloth. * Price: 29.99 euros at Becquet for the 3 Swiss *

Hummingbird print

La Redoute Another print but this time they are little hummingbirds who invite themselves to your table with this colorful tablecloth. * Price: from 31.80 euros at La Redoute *

Striped and multicolored geometric flowers

Delamaison Festive atmosphere for this striped tablecloth and multicolored geometric flowers (Faro model for Delamaison). * Price: 43.50 euros *

Chic water green

Le Jacquard Français Softness and elegance are in the spotlight with this water-green tablecloth (Seville Mint model available at Le Jacquard Français). * Price: 129 euros *

Summer elegance

Becquet A simple and elegant tablecloth to enhance your summer table (available in several colors, Becquet woven tablecloth for the 3 Swiss). * Price: from 49.90 euros *

Marine inspiration

La Redoute The sea is in the spotlight with this blue striped tablecloth and small fish prints (blue Jörgen model). * Price: 57 euros at La Redoute *

Cashmere print

Linvosges The chic of cashmere dresses your table with this colorful and printed tablecloth available at Linvosges (Premiers soleils model). * Price: from 59 euros *

Deep sea

La Redoute The marine trend is becoming more trendy and elegant with this cotton tablecloth available at La Redoute (Pleine Mer model). * Price: 57 euros at La Redoute *


Delamaison Indispensable, mandala patterns invade your summer table to create a warm and festive atmosphere (Mandala model, Delamaison). * Price: 41.90 euros *

Pop retro

La Redoute Interieurs We never tire of the polka dots and pastel colors of this beautiful tablecloth ideal for decorating your table with the colors of summer! * Price: from 12.99 euros at La Redoute Intérieurs *


Spoiler Let's start this selection of summer tablecloths with a totally trendy model thanks to its exotic pattern. A few braided placemats, coconuts for glasses and green napkins and here we are projected in the blink of an eye in the heart of the Caribbean. 24.90 euros

Checkered !

Winkler Between dynamism and simplicity, this white tablecloth with large tiles has everything to please. We undoubtedly dare it on a table with a bistro look accompanied by pretty metal chairs in the same colors. 49.90 euros

A touch of Fluo

3 Suisses Do you want to energize your small white metal table that sits proudly in the middle of the terrace? Choose a plain tablecloth but in bright colors like neon pink or turquoise blue! Thus, it will not go unnoticed. 17.99 euros

Colorful cashmere

Zara Home Since the cashmere motif is making a comeback, we don't hesitate to dare it on the decor of our table. To bring an exotic but chic side, we put on a tablecloth in neon colors, ideal with white furniture. 29.99 euros

With wide stripes

Delamaison To be in a good mood from breakfast, you go down to the garden a pretty striped tablecloth in pink and purple colors. As for the dishes, we choose them plain and refined so as not to create an overloaded decor. 19.99 euros

The warmth of olive trees

Linvosges Provence is at the rendezvous in this garden thanks to this tablecloth covered with olive branches. You can imagine having a drink there during the sweet summer evenings. 22.50 euros

Pastelle and Fleurie

La Redoute Natural ambiance on this table which has favored sober colors and patterns of small wildflowers. To complete the decor, consider placing here and there a few vases garnished with tulips or fresh daisies. 12.99 euros


Spoiler Lunch time has come, and that of good humor too with this tablecloth with a very colorful bayadère pattern. For dishes, stay the course, and choose brightly colored plates and greens. 26.90 euros

Classic graphics

Delamaison To be in the trend of graphic patterns even in the garden, we opt for this gray tablecloth adorned with small diamonds. It will not go unnoticed by your guests. 42.90 euros

Striped and colorful

Cyrillus We dream of having lunch on this table which exudes good humor thanks to its striped and colorful tablecloth. Its low price will convince you! 29.90 euros