Arrange a bathroom in the attic

Arrange a bathroom in the attic

Often poorly optimized, the attic is nevertheless a real asset when it is fitted out. If you often install bedrooms or a playroom for children there, know that the bathroom also likes it. To help you take the plunge, here are 10 atmospheres that are sure to inspire you.

Install the sink under the roof window light

Leroy Merlin Rooms in the attic often lack light. To remedy this, we dare a large window which will have the advantage of allowing natural light into the bathroom. Convenient for makeup!

Install the shower in a corner

Space Attic We take the good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis bathroom which takes advantage of the space opposite the slope to install a beautiful and large shower cubicle. Convenient !

Place a bathtub in the center

Leroy Merlin Are you lucky enough to have a large bathroom in the attic? So play the originality by installing a bathtub in the center of the room to relax. You will only have to put a few storage units and one or two useful basins beside it.

Mix materials and colors

Leroy Merlin To create a trendy atmosphere in your bathroom under the eaves, choose a mix of materials. The warm wood of the furniture goes perfectly with the mineral spirit of the shower tiles. The atmosphere is warm and we dream of relaxing there.

Install the toilet under the slope

Space Attic If you do not want to place either the bathtub or the sink under the slope of the attic, choose anyway to optimize the space by installing the toilet. Save space and practicality guaranteed!

Create a bathroom corner in the bedroom

Roof space The advantage of roof spaces is that you can create a large master bedroom. On one side the bedroom, and on the other an open bathroom that makes your daily life easier.

Playing with height

Geberit If your bathroom in the attic is dim, but you have a high ceiling, bet on light colors and simple materials. Suddenly it seems bathed in light.

Install the shower under the slope

Geberit This attic bathroom is a real favorite! We like the choice of the location of the shower which allows to take advantage of the space, the light tones to create a natural atmosphere, and the low furniture which affirms the impression of grandeur.

Put the bathtub under the slope

Space Attic The bathroom in the attic does not prevent installing in the room shower and bathtub. The space-saving tip: the bathtub finds its place under the slope while the shower takes advantage of the height under the ceiling!