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What coatings for a seaside style?

What coatings for a seaside style?

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Having a seaside style at home is like being on vacation all year round. Adopting a marine decor requires a judicious choice of furniture, colors and decorative items. Know that the choice of coatings is also very important. These accentuate the atmosphere and give style to your interior. What coatings to choose for a seaside style? Here in pictures, the editorial advice.

Natural wood

Castorama Here you find a natural wood covering. Married to a decoration in benches colors, sobriety will be in the spotlight while respecting the theme seaside.

Wood and white

Maisons du Monde The marriage of wood and white is a successful marriage for a seaside decor. Here we love the white wooden paneling which highlights the decorative elements of blue color and the natural wood parquet.

White pebbles

L'Antic Colonial Here is an ideal coating for a seaside decor. Here, pebbles are in the spotlight. Small touch of originality, the pebbles are painted white for a clear and chic decor at the same time.

Natural pebbles

Espace Aubade Here the pebbles have a natural color for a very authentic look. In the bathroom or around your pool, it is the ideal coating.

Gray seagrass

Saint Maclou The seagrass reminds us of the natural materials found at the water's edge. By installing seagrass in your living rooms, you bring a little nature into your home.

Natural seagrass

Saint Maclou Here the seagrass has a natural color which goes perfectly with a marine decoration made of white and blue. Thus modernized, it looks great!

Clear paneling

FinnForest The paneling is inseparable from a seaside decor. With it, wood invites itself into your home with great class. You can play with the colors for a successful decoration!

The bleached parquet

Saint Maclou Bleached wood parquet is one of the most suitable coverings for seaside decor. It matches all shades of blue and natural wood. It is our favorite!

Natural parquet

Haro Natural wood parquet is also very popular for marine decor. It goes perfectly with the white wooden furniture and shades of blue so dear to the seaside decor.