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Gardens, Garden: 10 landscape creations in pictures

Gardens, Garden: 10 landscape creations in pictures

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The Gardens, Garden event is an opportunity to discover many landscaped scenographies created by the best landscapers of the moment. This year, the creations did not hesitate to innovate but also to pay tribute to Le Nôtre for its 400th anniversary. Discover in pictures, 10 gardens created for Gardens, Garden.

"The Hops and the Pheasants" by Vertdéco

Jean-Pierre Delagarde Here is a piece of countryside where the birds feel at ease because this garden is inspired by the large hops in the North and East of France and the open-air aviaries where pheasants are raised for hunting.

"Garden of Reminiscence" by Olivier Riols

Jean-Pierre Delagarde True tribute to the French tradition of the garden, this garden brings together in the same space the natural element and human construction from the pool to find a perfect balance.

Jean Pierre Delagarde garden receive

Jean-Pierre Delagarde ## "Jardin Plaisir" by Horticulture and Jardins Pierre-Alexandre Risser thought of his garden as a space dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Each space in the garden is then designed to indulge in the image of this pool but also of the armchair that invites you to relax.

"Brôderie" by Christian Fournet and Le Figaro Magazine

Jean-Pierre Delagarde This garden is thought of as a travel trunk where one would have concentrated the characteristics of the "French" garden. There are pruned boxwood, grass carpets and gravelled paths as so many tributes to Le Nôtre.

"Grove of Miscellaneous (cited)" by Gally

Jean-Pierre Delagarde This is a promenade garden where you can get away from it all. Nature plays the urban card while offering a wide range of shapes, colors and smells. We are witnessing the discovery of a living garden.

"Le Baobab" by Amaury Gallo

Jean-Pierre Delagarde The friend of the Gardens called on Jardins de Babylone to create an astonishing space around bamboo with in particular a monumental sculpture which is installed in the center of the garden.

"Cache-Cache" by Patrick Nadeau

Jean-Pierre Delagarde This garden is a labyrinth where plants, sheet metal and concrete intermingle to offer an urbanized garden that aims to be resolutely modern and accessible on a daily basis.

"Between City and Garden" by Thierry Laverne

Jean-Pierre Delagarde Bamboo is once again in the spotlight in this garden which is thought of as a wild grove where to recharge one's batteries by settling on furniture that is one with nature.

"Invert d'H20" by Geo-concept / N2B watering / Bernard Bois S.A.

Jean-Pierre Delagarde In this garden, water is a major component because it echoes the fluids found inside plant cells. It is a real immersion in the heart of the plant which makes it an atypical garden.